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Find out where you stand on financial issues. What are you entitled to? What can your spouse claim? We can assist you  in obtaining a beneficial financial settlement.


A Minute of Agreement is a contract between you and your spouse which sets out the terms of your settlement. It covers the arrangements for your children and the financial agreement. It allows your divorce to proceed as undefended.


Have you recently split up from your partner? Although you were not married you might still have a financial claim if you have suffered a disadvantage.

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We can fully understand how important it is to you to get the right advice quickly and cost effectively. Whether it is in relation to the grounds of divorce which are best for you or what financial claim you can make. Our highly experienced family lawyers are there on hand to assist you throughout the entire course of your case.

We offer a FREE Initial Consultation with an accredited family law & divorce specialist to give you advice with no obligation. We want to make sure your comfortable with us and the choice you are about to make.

To speed matters up and to make sure that we obtain all the information that we require about your case, you can make use of our online tool which will help to provide you with completely personalised information relating to your family law matters.

It also saves time by providing us with essential important background information which we can use to help you with your own case.

Geography should be no barrier. If you are looking for a Family Divorce Lawyer in Scotland. If you are not local to one of our offices in Glasgow, Edinburgh or Falkirk we can deal with your individual case through FaceTime, Skype, email or telephone.


We are keen to look after clients using modern technology whether by online case management systems or online face-to-face meetings. We only practise Family Law and are a fully Accredited Family Law Specialist.

In addition to our experience in family law and online systems, we are also conscious that clients look for a service that is cost-effective for them.

And unlike other family law solicitors we only charge our fees on the actual time spent in your case rather than rounded up the units.  

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